Uniball India Customer Loyalty Program :

If you love the Shopping Experience at Uniball Online Shop, you will love it more cause of the "Uniball India Customer Loyalty Program"

Making your Shopping Experience more enjoyable and rewarding, This Program offers you Reward points for everytime you shop at our Online Shop.


Do I have to Pay anything to be a Part of this Program

No ! Unlike other Shopping Places, At Uniball Online Shop, Just by Being a registered customer at Online Shop, you are automatically entitled for the rewards Program.


How does it work ?

Rewards Points are added to your account, everytime you Purchase.

These Reward Points can be converted to Shopping Vouchers that you can use on your next Order.


What is the minimum amount in which the Loyalty Voucher can be used :

Voucher can be used on a Order of Rs 500/- and above, not valid on Value Packs & Offers Zone Products


Point Systems 

Earn one reward point for every 50 rupees spent.
One Reward point = 1.5 Rupees
Rewards Points for each Product are mentioned below its Description
Your Total Rewards points are listed in your Account
Validity of your Loyalty points are max 120 days.
Voucher created from Loyalty Points can be used for Rs 500/- or above order only
Rewards Points are added only after you Complete your Order and are cancelled if your Order is Cancelled.
Loyalty Points will not be applicable on discounted products, offer periods or Orders that are discounted or any Discount vouchers used.




To redeem your Points, Click on the above links / "My Account" > go to "My Loyalty Points"

and  click on ""Transform my points into a voucher " to convert your Loyalty points to Voucher.

Have any Query ? Feel free to contact us.

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